Why use a specialist?

Charities are broadly defined as organisations having a primary objective of something other than money, this is why they are often referred to as “not-for-profit”.

This is a concept that rings true with me personally and the primary purpose of my business—to help you find joy in your work.

Unfortunately, such a beautiful concept often results in an absurd amount of bureaucracy that needs to be overcome. The financial requirements are often thought of as “like normal accountancy, but in three-dimensions with your shoelaces tied together”.

A specialist advisor can help overcome these challenges as they are not so difficult to navigate with experience.

Accounting can be challenging, like jumping over a snake pit.

What makes us a specialist?

We have worked with charities and not-for-profit organisations of all shapes and sizes since 2009. Edd personally acts as Trustee and Treasurer for a number of local charities and not for profit organisations.


Providing specialist counselling services for survivors of sexual abuse and trauma

Protect Earth

Covering the UK in as many trees as possible to help combat the climate crisis

In addition to the charities Edd is personally involved with, we have worked with dozens of organisations as a specialist advisor, from local community groups to large charities with over £10m annual income.